What Our SEO & SMM Services Can Do for Your Business?

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing have been around us for years and businesses have seen the miraculous advantages and impact of these strategies in customer acquisition, brand development, increased sales and in many other ways. However, both of these techniques are fundamentally opposite of each other but they work great if used simultaneously.

We, at Shaheer Designs offer SEO and SMM services to our clients all over the globe. Our team of experts has years of experience in on-page and off-page SEO. We believe that the practice of SEO shouldn’t only cover search engines but it must improve the overall user satisfaction rate too.

By presenting your website according to the web standards, you would expose your website and online presence to a wider audience because of the high ranking in search results. Similarly, SMM would help you find your target audience based on the demographics and focus your marketing efforts on them.

What is it all about?

On-Site Optimization
Paid Search

SEO and SMM in a glance

What businesses need to know about SEO and SMM?

It is impossible to lead a successful businesses without putting some efforts into SEO and SMM. Search Engine Optimization ensures your website is built in parallel of latest web standards that would help it get maximum visibility. SMM helps businesses find their target audience based on the demographics like age group, gender, geographical location and many other factors. In a nutshell a SEO and SMM can help businesses because:

  • It gets you more business: SEO can bring your website in top ranking. That would result in more traffic and of course more business.
  • High ROI: SEO and SMM have high Return on Investment as compared to other organic and paid marketing and advertisement techniques.
  • Reduced Bounce Rate: By targeting the highly relevant audience, you can increase your closure rate and customer satisfaction rate.
  • It increases sales: More traffic, more business, reduced bounce rate and high customer satisfaction rate would definitely result in more sales.
  • Improved Usability: SEO is not just about visibility and exposure but it also improves the user experience by presenting a well designed and optimized website.
  • Cost efficiency: Among all marketing techniques, SEO and SMM are considered the most cost efficient ones. All you have to do is implement the right strategies at the right time.

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