A Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting, Domain Name and Website Development

Many of my non-IT friends ask me about websites and how to make a website. Usually, when they search online to find the basics, most of the resources talk about the fundamentals like domain name, hosting and platforms, which is a good thing. Fundamentals are important. However, around 80% of those resources go in deep details like types of hosting etc. which are not only unnecessary but confusing for a beginner. I mean, why a beginner would want to know …..

How to Start an E-Commerce Business?

E-Commerce has been around us for years and it has become a multi-billion dollar industry in the world. I personally believe, it is not telecommunication or other similar technological advancements but it is E-commerce which proves the world has become a global village. I mean how amazing is it, you can buy something from thousands of miles away and it arrived at your doorstep in few days. Contrary to popular belief, it is way easy to set an e-commerce business.

Bounce Rate and Conversion Rate: How They Affect My Sales?

Your website is up and running. And all you know it is getting your visitors and customers. However, what you don’t know a significantly high percentage of your visitors are leaving the website without buying anything or without “converting”. That’s where you need to understand the concepts of conversion rate and bounce rate. Let’s start with simple definitions.

Why Your Business Needs a Website?

Contrary to popular belief, building a website for your small business isn’t just about getting more sales but the idea behind an online presence goes deeper than that to brand development and brand loyalty. However, small business owners are still not sure about having a professionally developed website. Following are some reasons why your business needs a website.

What is SEO and How Your Business Can Benefit from it?

It is almost impossible for businesses to excel without having online presence via a professionally developed website and more importantly without having a proper marketing strategy. Before we move to the importance of SEO for businesses, let see some basics. Interestingly, SEO is not just about making websites search engine friendly but it also makes the website human friendly.

The Scope of Digital Marketing in 2017

Even though digital marketing is way different than traditional marketing, the goals of both are the same – boost business, increase sales, increase brand exposure and build a cult around the product etc. Online marketing is getting more and more popularity everyday; interestingly, last year almost every major industry in the world had 4-5% growth and online marketing had more than 40% growth. We are expecting new innovative technologies and strategies in digital marketing this year.

5 Smart Ways to Increase Sales and Give a Boost to Your Business

Contrary to popular belief, paid advertisement is not the only way to get more customers and increase business sales volume. Regardless of your business type, whether it is a traditional business or an online retail store, your products and services, there are many smart ways to increase sales and give a boost to your business.

6 Tips for Brand Development in 2017

Brand development is one of the most essential components required for success nowadays. Companies all over the globe spend hefty sum of money on branding and to create a cult around their brand. However things are a little different and relatively tougher for small businesses as they have to compete with organizations with deep pockets. Contrary to popular belief, brand development could be done with a tight budget.

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